Frédérique is an outgoing French interior designer. She lives in New York city and opened her studio in 2016. Her passion for architecture, contemporary art craftsmanship and people, led her to an array of invaluable opportunities in France and abroad. Her drive: propelling elegance into all aspects of her life, spreading the culture of a project to a broad range of stakeholders, and integrating them from the very beginning to the history. She has been offered and responsible of significant gut renovation projects and on the side she also offers her strategic and development skills. Such as in 2011, consultant interior Director for ARTE Charpentiers Architectes and more recently, she was asked to boost as the executive director, Par Excellence NY, a collective of French Masters craftsmen dedicated to high-end decoration based in Chelsea NYC. All these experiences have greatly enhanced her knowledge and her interest in people, their well being and comfort. She is your best bet, to help clients match their needs as she believes her integrity and creativity throughout projects within her work are fundamental to the success of unique design.


“My restaurant” winner, by Sogeres, french food leader.

“My chair” winner, by the French National Education.

"Mobilier design en Aubusson", collaboration with the Artist Guillaume Leblon.